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We Believe "Leading edge of price and performance"
Why Wan ?

Wan Systems has been in the data management industry providing services and solutions to clients from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand for the last nine years. Our endeavour is to provide the best outsourcing services in the industry. Thus, at Wan Systems our team led by the senior management have strived for creativity, excellence, quality and a satisfied client. Our initiative and approach is to deliver cost-effective outsourcing solutions to our clients.

Wan Systems's innovative approach combining with the best human skills to ensure that you get a service that is accurate, reliable and fast.

Wan Systems is located at Pune and Nashik with access to a large pool of highly skilled personnel who are fluent in English.

Wan Systems project team has invaluable experience in database management, conversion of huge volumes of form processing and creating online databases. At Wan Systems our people are our greatest assets, thus our emphasize is on their training and retraining enabling them to reach the targets and expectations of the clients. Our software engineers have devloped customized and proprietary software and tools. We draw from these tools for conversion systems that are project specific.

Wan Systems is proud of our integrity and value driven attitude to our work. Wan Systems believes in longterm relationships with its clients and partners.

Our Services
Data Entry Services
Yellow and White Pages
Data Conversion
Internet Media Analysis
Email Appending
Real Estate Posting
Online Data Capture
Data Processing
Our Vision

We believe in rendering professional quality services which are at the leading edge of price and performance.