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We Believe "Leading edge of price and performance"
Data Capture Services

Online data capture allows enhanced security, control and measurability over the outsourced process and faster access to your information through immediate turnaround times.

Wan Systems is a leading solution provider for online data capture and data processing services throughout the world. We specialize in online data entry services from simple data capture, compilation from web sites, e-books, business card, catalog and form processing.

Our approach to online data capture and the technologies we use enable us to deliver the highest levels of data quality, with guaranteed accuracy, and turnaround time.


Wan Systems has experienced team of professional online data capture operators who are proficient and reliable in the data capture field.

Wan Systems located at two cities having dedicated and high speed internet connections with backups from different service providers.

As images are not transferred from the country of origin, using online data capture process, our data entry operators can accurately capture your data from the online digital images.

Wan Systems provides data capture service to search online resources. We can search online resources, retrieve data and enter relevant data from those sites into a database.

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We believe in rendering professional quality services which are at the leading edge of price and performance.